Sé Collection

Oshun Sofa

Oshun沙发命名的灵感源于西非伊法教和约鲁巴教中的 “奥丽莎”女神,这位女神象征着爱情、奢华与快乐。沙发的造型轮廓犹如神灵之手作,降临人间。用设计师Ini Archibong的话说就是:“在Oshun沙发上休憩、沉思、冥想……逃脱现实。”

Details Seat cushion upholstered in a choice of leathers or fabrics, or in customer’s own material or leather. Fabric piping detail and base in either leather or fabric. Brass foot.
Dimensions Double back cushion: 278W x 110D x 97H cm; Single back cushion 278W x 110D x 97H cm